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Elections Have Consequences

June 29, 2012

Egyptians Shift Views of US.jpg

Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Morsi’s rise to power has upended Egyptians' perceptions of America's place in their domestic politics. Could be because U.S. foreign policy today is so convoluted and inconsistent that...


Preview Of Coming Attractions

June 27, 2012

Egyptian MB member.jpg

'France 24' hosted a panel Monday night to discuss Egypt’s new president, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi. The MB panelist refused to talk to the Israeli journalist, who was also on the panel, and launched into a mini-diatribe about how Israel...


Islamic Terror Metastasizing

June 26, 2012

Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram 2.jpg

Three of Africa's most violent Islamic terror groups are sharing funds/swapping explosives signaling a dangerous escalation of security threats on the continent, said US General Carter Ham on Monday. Since birds of a feather flock together, what is.....


Stupid Is As Stupid Does

June 25, 2012

U.S. Rep to UN Human Rights Council.jpg

The Obama administration’s backing of the UN Human Rights Council resulted in another win for Hamas on Friday as it championed the destruction of Israel. US Rep Eileen Donahoe painted the Council as "the place to be to promote and protect...


Get Ready To Rumble

June 25, 2012

Egypt explodes in fireworks.jpg

Egypt's president-elect, Islamist Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, tells Iran's Fars news agency he's looking to expand ties with Tehran, in order to create a 'balance of pressure' in the region...


Mr. Terrorist Goes To Washington

June 22, 2012

Blind Sheik.jpg

Terrorists aren’t supposed to get visas. But Hani Nour Eldin was apparently invited to DC this week to meet with top officials. Did no one Google him?


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