As We See It

The Zone (2)

December 30, 2011

Zone (2d)-formatted.jpg

Welcome to the Zone, the Twilight Zone, that is, where a delegation of "human-rights observers" sent to Syria, is led by a genocidal Sudanese general...


Temple of Doom

December 29, 2011

UN flag at half mast for Kim Jong Il #1(e).jpg

It's a "matter of protocol" for the United Nations to honor the death of a murderous dictator, who brutalized, oppressed and starved millions of people...


One Step Forward, Two Back

December 28, 2011

Iranian drill #1(e).jpg

As the Pentagon warns Iran against taking any action in the Strait of Hormuz, a State Department spokesman said Tuesday that "obviously there's an element of bluster"...


Iranian Chic

December 28, 2011

Iran-govt approved clothing for women #1(e).png

Two things one NEVER wants to hear or see in conjunction with fashion, much less Islamic fashion, i.e., "Hardliners are not amused" and...


RoP Strikes Again

December 25, 2011

Nigerian churches bombed on Christmas #1(c).jpg

Deadly church blasts rattle Nigeria today, as once again, followers of the "Religion of Peace" attack Christians celebrating their holiest of holy days...


The Multi-Culti Brigade

December 24, 2011

Niqab #1(d).jpg

Islam has a long history of accommodating itself to its host culture without watering down its tenets. In 21st-century Britain (and America), that means pressing the Islamophobia button, and pressing it hard...


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