As We See It

The Three D's

May 26, 2015

Obama, Ash Carter & Dempsey.jpg

We refuse to share any risk with our Iraqi partners, and then call them cowards in public when they fail...


Chinese Navy: "You Go!"

May 22, 2015

China-one of islands China bldg.jpg

Stark warnings were issued Wednesday by the Chinese Navy to a US surveillance plane flying over artificial islands Beijing is creating in the disputed South China Sea...


It's Working!

May 19, 2015

ISIS in Ramadi.jpg

The "strategy to defeat and dismantle ISIS is clear and on track," says the Obama administration. Except the photos shown here say otherwise...


Obama & The Seven Dwarfs

May 17, 2015

Obama & Gulf leaders.jpg

Contrary to the "upbeat statements" and euphoria following President Obama's meeting with Arab leaders of the GCC, Saudi Arabia has decided to...


Kooks With Nukes

May 14, 2015

N. Korea-Defense Chief executed.jpg

Falling asleep during a meeting in North Korea can be very hazardous to one’s health, especially if you’re the loony regime’s defense chief...


New World Order

May 12, 2015

Russia & China.jpg

The Russia-China rapprochement is a sign of the changing world order, and while the US military is still the biggest in the world, Beijing and Moscow are...


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