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Why Is Pakistan More Legitimate than Israel?

April 28, 2015

Pakistan Flag.jpg

If you are a member of the Presbyterian Church, whose leaders have voted to boycott Israel, or a student in Middle Eastern studies...


But Can They Fly Them?

April 25, 2015

USAF F-16.jpg

The Iraqis are getting a batch of American F-16 fighter planes to run combat missions against the ISIS, but can they fly them?


Lies, Damned Lies & BO Lies

April 15, 2015

North Korean rocket.jpg

US intel officials reveal how Iran has been getting advanced technology for long range nuclear missiles, and Obama has been hiding it...


The Russians Are Coming...

April 14, 2015

Russian plane intercept.jpg

Today, Britain scrambled Typhoon fighter jets to intercept two Russian long-range bombers; yesterday Russia announced it would arm Iran with...


An Historic Farce

April 9, 2015

Ayatollah Khamenei.jpg

The invisible ink on the nuclear framework agreement between Iran and the world powers was not yet dry when the sides started coming out with...


Jews Downgraded

April 8, 2015

Bibi at AIPAC.jpg

Why did Obama send a lowly vice-presidential adviser to inform American Jewish leadership about his Iran deal?


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