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Little House In Braunau

September 30, 2012

Hitler House.jpg

The Austrian town of Braunau is "wrestling" with what to do with the house where Ma & Pa Hitler lived, and where little Adolf was born...


Like Sheep To The Slaughter

September 28, 2012


Except it's not their own slaughter. When we read pieces like the one below, all we can say is...


A Revolutionary Act

September 26, 2012


Besides genocidal barbarians, apocalyptic loons and third-world thugs, Cesspool Central (aka the United Nations) has added rapists to its roster of 'distinguished speakers'...


A Whole Lotta Nothing

September 25, 2012

Obama at UN.jpg

What the New York Times calls the President's "first truly expansive response" in front of the UN General Assembly, we call...


Tolerance For Thee, But Not For Me

September 23, 2012

Egypt's last synagogue.jpg

Coinciding with their savage riots demanding respect, the Arab/Muslim world once again refuses to give it. Egypt's new Islamist regime has told the last synagogue in Egypt that Jews would not be allowed to...


We Lied

September 20, 2012

Iran's VP & head of nuclear program.jpg

We lied about our nuclear program, but had good reason to, says Iran's Vice President and head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran...


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