As We See It

Deaf, Dumb & Blind

December 31, 2012

Afghan energy minister Mohammed Ismail Khan.jpg

The US military seems to be in denial about the breadth and scope of the internal threats it faces...


The People Have Spoken

December 26, 2012

Egypt-Sharia's our constitution.jpg

Egyptians approved a new Islamist-backed constitution on Tuesday. So why does the US State Department continue using words like “democratic” to describe it?


The Illusion

December 26, 2012

Benghazi consulate on fire.jpg

Now you see it, now you don’t. Accountability, that is, by the U.S. government for a debacle that cost us dearly...


The Conning Of A Nation

December 19, 2012

US State Dept spokesperson Victoria Nuland.jpg

After a 13-week investigation, the State Department Accountability Review Board has finally concluded that...


Rules of War By Forrest Gump

December 12, 2012

US soldiers in Afghanistan.jpg

A proposed new Army handbook for Americans serving in Afghanistan warns them NOT to speak ill of the Taliban, criticize pedophilia, advocate women’s rights, or mention...


On Our Way Out

December 10, 2012

Chinese Military.jpg

A new report by the intelligence community projects that the United States will no longer be the world's only superpower by 2030, and warns against the consequences of...


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