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February 28, 2013

Syrian rebels.jpg

The Obama administration is reportedly preparing for the first time to give "direct assistance" to rebel forces in Syria, but who exactly will America be assisting?


Feeding The Enemy

February 26, 2013

Egyptian security forces arrest militants in Sinai.jpg

The weapons that helped Libyan rebels oust dictator Muammar Qaddafi are now turning up for sale at clandestine auctions in...


The Latest From The Swamp

February 25, 2013

UN Human Rights Council.jpg

The organization best described by Walter Russell Mead as a “self-parodying collection of imbeciles and lickspittles,” has just appointed a slaveholder as...


Holy Shark Bait

February 23, 2013


Christians continue to serve as shark bait in Muslim lands, with 'freedom fighters' in Libya now joining the ranks of oppressors...


Off With Their (Christian) Heads

February 22, 2013

Muslim beheads Coptic Christians in NJ.jpg

Lest anyone think Christians are being blown up or beheaded by Muslims in Muslim countries only, think again, as a Muslim man beheads two Christians in...


Pivot & Cut

February 21, 2013

Iran's Bushehr main nuclear reactor.jpg

As Russia and China expand their nuclear arsenals, Chinese hackers hit nearly every DC institution, Iran installs next-generation equipment at its nuclear plant and al Qaeda sets up shop in Africa, our Commander-in-Chief...


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