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Novel Idea

January 31, 2010

Some may celebrate that the Justice Department's perspective on the war on terrorism has become markedly more dominant in the past year, but before we break out the champagne...


Lady Qaeda Does New York

January 29, 2010

Would you answer a jury summons knowing you could end up sitting in front of a jihadi sympathizer on the loose who is mentally painting a target on your forehead?


Fine-Tuning the BS-o-Meter

January 27, 2010

The last sentence of this piece sums up the problem with our "strategy" in Afghanistan, indeed our entire...


International Chutzpah

January 21, 2010

Why is Israel (or the US, for that matter) entertaining any requests from the United Nations with regard to Haiti, especially since...


Dots, Lies & Slime

January 14, 2010

An excellent piece about our Intel failures and the absence of "dot-connectors" at the top, although before connecting the dots, you gotta be able to....


But We're Still Gonna Kill You

January 9, 2010

Barack Obama has spent the last year doing Islamoschmoozing, from his announcement of Gitmo's closure and his investigation of Bush officials to his bow before the Saudi King and...


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