As We See It

The Country ISIS Fears

December 27, 2015

ISIS-fears 1 country

A German journalist who spent days with ISIS told the British 'Jewish News' that "the only country ISIS fears is Israel" as it knows the "Israeli army is...



December 22, 2015


Early this year, a former White House official secretly went to Damascus and met with leaders of the Syrian regime, which has long held...


Iranians Hack Rye Dam

December 21, 2015

Iran-Hacked Rye Dam

In a previously undisclosed incident, Iranian hackers infiltrated the control system of a small dam in the village of Rye Brook, NY, sparking concerns...


Russia Provokes; US Pacifies

December 17, 2015

Russian SA-17 in Syria

At the Kremlin on Tuesday, John Kerry said the US is not pursuing “regime change” in Syria, which begs the question...


Edifice Of Hate

December 8, 2015

Islam-Few Extremists Myth

America’s leaders actively deceive the American people about the sheer scale of Muslim hatred and commitment to jihad...