As We See It

Those 'Secret' Relationships

March 18, 2016

Kurdish female fighters

Israeli professor says there have not been any pro-Israel public declarations by Kurdish Syrians leaders, but some have been to Israel behind the scenes...


Uncle Joe Strikes Again

March 15, 2016

Biden & Abbas

As in any comedy, there is a clown, and once again, Vice President Joe Biden is played for a fool by the Palestinian Authority leadership...


Nyet, Not So Fast

March 14, 2016


News broke on Russian state media Monday afternoon that Putin had ordered a partial withdrawal from Syria. An American success? Quite the opposite...


Shalom From Iran!

March 9, 2016

Iran-Hebrew msg on missile

A day after testing a number of ballistic missiles across the country, Iran launched two more missiles on Wednesday marked with Hebrew writing...


Gift That Keeps On Giving

March 7, 2016

IAEA Chief

It appears the IAEA is no longer permitted to release details about Iran's nuclear program or publicly report on...


World Reacts With Horror

March 2, 2016

Trump-Japan TV Store

From Mexico to India to Israel, the world is reacting in astonishment and horror that Donald Trump could...