As We See It

The Islamization of Europe

August 31, 2022

Europe-burning churches

Comparing only the weekly frequency of Friday prayers in the mosque and Sunday Mass in the church, the future is clear...


The NY Times & Its Fetishes

July 16, 2022

NYT-Palestinian man

The New York Slimes focuses a disproportionate amount of attention on Israel, and promotes a disparaging image of the Jewish state...


Iran's Key Charlatan

July 6, 2022

Iran FM Zarif

The former Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif remains one of the key charlatans behind the Iran regime’s diplomacy...


Gutless Wimps of DC

June 26, 2022

Soleimani funeral

Unclear why every time there’s an explosion at an Iranian nuclear facility, anonymous senior U.S. officials let it be known that the US is not responsible and insinuate...


Stealing Jerusalem

April 25, 2022

Dome of the Rock

The Saudis recognize Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and Jerusalem, despite what the Palestinian narrative alleges....


Dangling Israel

March 24, 2022

State Dept announcement

The latest stunt by the Biden administration is having the US State Department offer a grant of $1 Million to report on Israeli human rights violations.


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