As We See It

Endangering Israel

December 16, 2021

Israeli flag in Jerusalem

A group of nearly 3,000 Israeli military leaders, soldiers, commanders, and intelligence officials are warning the Biden administration and Democrats in Congress that...


Charred Remains Found

November 19, 2021

Greek fortress

Remains of a fortress that was destroyed 2,100 years ago have been unearthed in Israel and experts say the scene provides tangible evidence of...


Hamas And Its False Narratives

November 16, 2021

Gaza war

We cannot cede the information domain to our adversaries. Or let unfounded legal accusations go unanswered. The U.S. must consistently and unapologetically....


A Toxic Ideology

October 9, 2021

Karl Marx

Critical race theory, built on the intellectual framework of identity-based Marxism, is being taught in our schools, and has become a tool of political power...


A Quranic Zionist

September 8, 2021


Not only were Arafat’s minions and heirs in Jerusalem attempting to rewrite the history of Arabs and Jews in the region as told by others; they were also attempting to...


Largesse of American Taxpayer

September 2, 2021


Thanks to the largesse of the American taxpayer, the Taliban now has more attack helicopters than the UK, and is better armed than almost every NATO country....