As We See It

Hit By Traffic From Both Sides

September 30, 2015


Congressional Republicans have grown increasingly disillusioned with AIPAC in recent years: “I would not think anyone would see them as a particularly valuable...


About That Iran Deal...

September 22, 2015

Iran's Ambassador to IAEA

Let the games begin: Senior Iranian official pushes back against head of IAEA, and says statements made re IAEA safeguards at Parchin military site were false...


U.S. Fumble Policy

September 19, 2015

Kerry & British FM

Russia’s military buildup in Syria now includes surface-to-air missiles and combat aircraft with air-to-air capability - NOT the kind of hardware needed to combat ISIS...


Memo From Copy Desk

September 17, 2015

NY Times buiding in Manhatten

A brilliant parody that exposes the way media bias - especially anti-Israel media bias - is not always obvious...


Morally Rotten Continent

September 14, 2015

Europe-Morally Rotten BDS

Europe, the Continent of Appeasement boycotts Jews, but rushes to Tehran for business. Its obsession with the Jews is REVOLTING...


If You Build It, They Will Come

September 10, 2015

Obama & the Saudis

Saudi Arabia won't take in any 'poor desperate' Syrian refugees, but will build 200 mosques for them in...


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