As We See It

Fraternizing With The Enemy

January 30, 2015

MB at State Dept.jpg

In keeping with the Obama foreign policy of alienating allies and emboldening enemies, the US State Dept this week hosted...


What 'Policy Interests'?

January 26, 2015

COBRA helicopter.jpg

US suspended resale of US-made military helicopters by Israel to the Nigerian government, citing...


Appeasement Squared

January 8, 2015

Obama in reaction to Paris attack.jpg

In response to the terror attack in Paris, the White House believes the U.S. needs to redouble efforts to explain 'the tenets of Islam'...


'Don’t Call Us Arabs'

January 6, 2015

Christians in the Holy Land.jpg

Aramaic-speaking Christians have lived in the Middle East since the dawn of Christianity itself. All changed when Arab Muslim armies exploded out of...