As We See It


February 28, 2011

As British and German military planes secretly swooped into the Libyan desert to evacuate their citizens from chaotic Libya, superpower America arranged for a broken down ferry...


Um, Freedom To Do What?!

February 22, 2011

We interrupt the West’s cheers and jubilation over those freedom riots taking place in the Arab/Muslim world, to inject a dose of reality into some seemingly joyous scenes...


Some Hard Truths

February 20, 2011

The case of Said Musa shows why we cannot graft democracy onto Islamic societies...


Fiddling While Rome Burns

February 18, 2011

As anarchy spreads throughout the Arab world and protests, not to mention, beatings, shootings and rapes, rage on in the Arab street...


Useless Friends

February 13, 2011

Admiral Mike Mullen and diplomats are scrambling to visit and "reiterate" to key U.S. allies that U.S. commitment to them is strong. Best of luck, because our reiterations...


Another Day At Comedy Central/DC Branch

February 10, 2011

The ineptitude of this administration's security people is beyond comical. It's downright dangerous...


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