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'Vetted Moderate' Groups

December 29, 2014

Syria-view from mosque in Homs.jpg

Remember those 'rebels' and 'vetted moderate' groups the US decided to arm in Syria? Or the $500 million in weaponry given to the Free Syrian Army?


Consorting With The Enemy

December 26, 2014

US Rejects UAE Designation of CAIR.jpg

Not content with burying its head in the sand, the Obama administration is now trying to get two Islamist organizations off a foreign country’s terror list...


Déjà Vu All Over Again?

December 23, 2014

Dresden rally agst Islamization.jpg

It is always 'creepy' to see large street crowds in Germany rallying against an ethnic/religious minority...


Another Munich Agreement

December 17, 2014

Kerry & the Pals.jpg

France and the rest of Europe's 'Surrender Monkeys' have decided to accommodate the Palestinians on a draft resolution...


Fleeing Turkey

December 16, 2014

Jews leaving Turkey.jpg

Turkey's Jews: "We face threats, attacks and harassment every day. Hope is fading...


An Obsession

December 12, 2014

Caroline Glick panel at JPost conf.jpg

"I consider Europe's keen interest in the Middle East, specifically Israel, to be an obsession..."


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