As We See It

Calling A Spade, A Spade

April 27, 2011

Why in the world would Syria relax its embrace of Iran? In favor of whom, and in return for what? In favor of an unreliable, fickle America...


The Eleventh Plague

April 25, 2011

Iran has been targeted by a second computer virus in a "cyber war" waged by its enemies, its commander of civil defense said...


And The Joke Is... Us

April 21, 2011

What’s the U.S. going to do if the Syrian regime continues arbitrary arrest, detention and torture of prisoners? Isn’t Hillary Clinton the one who called Syria’s dictator a "reformer"?


Triple “D” (Squared!)

April 20, 2011

Obama administration is giving $25 million in "nonlethal aid" to Libya's rebels, and CIA is providing "covert assistance" to Libyan rebels who have "publicly rejected terrorism..."


Another Good Ship Lollipop

April 17, 2011

If the international community refuses to act, then we would suggest that when next time comes around, instead of shooting themselves in the foot, the Israelis blast....


Creepy Haute Couture

April 11, 2011

Creepy doesn’t even begin to describe the national security risk involved with this Islamic garb...


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