As We See It

Meet The New Guys In Town

October 29, 2015


The new Iranian-backed Al-Sabireen, established in wake of tensions between Iran and its two former allies in the Gaza Strip, has missiles capable of...


China: Don't Make Fools Of Yourselves

October 28, 2015


"I advise the US not to make a fool out of themselves in trying to be smart," warned a Chinese Foreign ministry spokesperson after the...


Breathtakingly Stupid

October 27, 2015

John Kerry

U.S. officials announced on Tuesday that Iran has been invited to participate in international talks over Syria's future...


United Dregs of Humanity

October 22, 2015

Cave of the Patriarchs

The Arabs, never missing an opportunity to revise history, were aided and abetted by UNESCO on Wed as the UN agency declared two ancient Jewish holy sites to be 'Muslim sites'...


The Tinfoilers

October 8, 2015

Iran-US hopes to change Iran youth

Iran's Supreme 'Tinfoiler', Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on Wednesday banned any further negotiations between Iran and the United States because...


Masters Of The Universe

October 7, 2015

Putin & Khamenei

It turns out that Iran and Russia have been plotting for months on military intervention in Syria to bolster...