As We See It

Anatomy Of Betrayal

July 30, 2015

Iran-nuclear talks

Information collected by Israeli intelligence about the Iran talks shows multiple betrayals and a long list of concessions from the West...


The Surrender Continues...

July 28, 2015

Iran-Satellite pic of Parchin

The surrender continues. Now Iran wants to take its own nuclear site soil samples and the UN may allow it...


STOP Feeding These Orgs

July 24, 2015

Prez Conf of Jewish Orgs

The establishment will not stand up to Obama. It’s time for forceful activism that wakes everyone up to the reality that we are facing…


The Royals & The Nazis

July 23, 2015

British royals

In light of newly-published pictures from 1933, "we should acknowledge the dark side of attitudes to the Nazis not only within the Royal Family, but throughout Britain’s...


Here Comes Da Proliferation

July 22, 2015

NKorea-rocket launch

With all the attention Iran has been getting lately, Dear Leader is feeling 'ronery, or so it appears as North Korea erects a taller launch tower at its long-range missile facility...


Civilized Surrender

July 16, 2015

Bibi & British FM

British Foreign Secretary and PM Netanyahu hold a joint press conference about Iran nuclear deal. Watch Chamberlain's Britain on full display...


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