As We See It

Go Canada!

November 30, 2012

Canadian FM at UN vote.jpg

One country that made us proud yesterday at the UN was Canada, which stood on principle and showed the rest of the world what doing the right thing looks like...


Next Up: Acts II & III

November 23, 2012

Hezbollah war.jpg

While the recent Hamas-Israel conflict may have been Act I in the grand scheme of things, Israel, the US, indeed the entire civilized world should take note...


The 'Joys' of Sharia

November 22, 2012

Saudi Arabia-electronic tracking for women.jpg

Saudi Arabia, which is governed by sharia (Islamic) law, continues to outdo itself. Not only are women forbidden from traveling without consent from male guardians, but now...


WRONG... Again

November 21, 2012

Iran provided Gaza missile technology.jpg

Contrary to Vice President Joseph Biden's statements during the vice presidential debates, Iran does indeed...


Justice, The Hamas Way

November 20, 2012

Hamas "justice".jpg

Behold Arab-style "justice." And lest anyone doubt where it's coming from, then fyi...


Murderous Clowns of M.E.

November 15, 2012

Assad & Ahmadinejad.jpg

As Israel responds to incessant rocket-fire on its civilian population from Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, leave it to the murderous clowns of the Middle East to...


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