As We See It

Not-So-Brave New World

November 22, 2015

Brussels on lockdown

Belgium’s Justice Minister has apparently just realized: Now that jihadists have moved beyond killing 'just' Jews, Europe will have to switch to Plan B...


Sanctified Tantrums

November 17, 2015

Brussels-Police raid in Molenbeek neighborhood

We live in the age of the sanctified tantrum. People are dead in Paris because Europe decided to make a fetish of its tolerance for intolerance...


European Union Of Bigots

November 12, 2015

Israeli settlement Har Homa

The Continent of Appeasement that forced Jews to sew yellow stars on their clothing 80 years ago, is now forcing Jewish products be labeled...


Diplomacy Or Wine?

November 9, 2015

French President Hollande

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani will be making a state visit to France next week, and while the French are sometimes derided as 'Surrender Monkeys', let it not be said...


President Bamlet Dithers

November 1, 2015

Obama-President Bamlet

As China takes over the sea, and strategic conflagrations scorch much of the globe, President 'Bamlet' dithers — again...