As We See It

The Muddle East

July 31, 2012


"No one has any idea what the Middle East will look like next year, much less in five years,” but amid the chaos there are a handful of constants that can guide US foreign policy, one of them being...


"Stinks To High Heaven"

July 30, 2012


The ‘discovery’ of long-sought documents detailing dangerous CIA leaks to Hollywood about the takedown of bin Laden, and further delay “stinks to high heaven,” according to Judicial Watch. Well, here's something else that stinks to high heaven...


Europe Simply Being Europe

July 29, 2012

Hezbollah salute.jpg

Why is the EU refusing to label Hezbollah as terrorists? A legitimate question, but if anyone is under the misconception that even the most...


Alger Hiss Redux?

July 28, 2012

Islam will dominate the world.jpg

The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood is on the rise and spreading across the Middle East. The bad news is we've got a Muslim Brotherhood problem here too, particularly in DC. The good news is...



July 27, 2012

London Olympics.jpg

"I have a message to all the members of the IOC: My name is Guri Weinberg and I am the son of Moshe Weinberg, the wrestling coach murdered at the 1972 Olympics..."


The Victim Did It

July 26, 2012

Bulgarian bombing.jpg

YIKES, t’was the Israelis who perpetrated the Bulgarian bus bombing that claimed the lives of five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver last week, at least according to...


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