As We See It

More Of That Brotherly Love

July 4, 2012

Jordan rejecting Palestinian refugees from Syria.jpg

Human Rights Watch reports that Jordan has been singling out and turning away Syrian refugees of Palestinian heritage. Besides the disgrace of an Arab country turning away Arab refugees, this particular Arab country happens to be...


From The Mouths Of Historians

July 3, 2012

Obama bowing to emperor of Japan.jpg

A superb summary of the “Obama foreign policy” (to the extent one can call Mr. Obama’s reactive actions/inactions, 'policy') by military historian Victor Davis Hanson. Ever notice how despite having attended countless global conferences/summits...


Pure, Unadulterated Evil

July 3, 2012

Syrian torture centers.jpg

Syria has been running a network of 27 torture centers, Human Rights Watch announced Tuesday in a report. In the past, we've made particular note of Syrian barbarity, a noteworthy distinction in a part of the world that still decapitates...


Chock Full o'Crock

July 1, 2012

Egypt's Mohammed Mursi.jpg

The inauguration of Egypt's first 'democratically elected' president, Islamist Mohammed Morsi, and his pledge to seek freedom for the "Blind Sheik" and build institutions of democracy based on "Islamic principles" do NOT augur well for the future.