As We See It

PU to the EU

July 26, 2012

EU refuses Israeli request to blacklist Hezbollah.jpg

Behold the Union of Capitulators, i.e., a union of countries that brought you or capitulated to Nazism; Fascism; Communism; and currently, working on Islamism; turning down Israel's request to...


They Snooze, We Lose

July 25, 2012

Canada-China deal.jpg

President Obama said the Keystone XL pipeline needed more environmental review; Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada needed to explore more opportunities to sell oil to China. So guess what China is doing?


Chem Weapons & War Planes

July 24, 2012

Sarin gas chemical warhead.jpg

Chemical weapons and fighter jets, i.e., two things Syria possesses and two things currently on the move. But Syria would never use war planes/chemical weapons against its own people, or give chemical weapons to Hezbollah/al Qaeda, right?


Channelling John Bolton

July 23, 2012

US Ambassador to UN Susan Rice.jpg

According to the WSJ, U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice "channelled John Bolton last week," when she said the UN 'failed utterly' on Syria. But Susan Rice is no John Bolton, and as Investors Business Daily recently asked...


Message From The 'Other Side'

July 22, 2012

Iran sanctions.jpg

“It is in the interest of the United States and its allies to keep talking [with Iran],“ opines the New York Times, the paper of record for the 'other side' in the national security debate, i.e., the side that ISN'T and DOESN'T...


Some Quick Un-PC Updates

July 19, 2012

N. Korean leader Kim Jong Un at unveiling ceremony.jpg

Some quick un-PC (i.e., unencumbered by political-correctness) updates on today's national security news, e.g., N. Korea developing EMP weapons; arms sales to Yemen loosened; new Ft. Hood report; terrorist attack on Israeli youths; and more...