As We See It

When In Doubt, Dumb It Down

August 24, 2008

Israel should stop treating Palestinians like children who must be constantly appeased...


Analysis Paralysis

August 23, 2008

Everyone is distracted by the Olympics. Two presidential candidates and a lame-duck president all are weighing in on foreign policy. No wonder Putin thought it was a good time to invade...


Bullets & Blather

August 16, 2008

It's been a week of bullets in Georgia and blather in the West. Why is our press, which was so outraged over the mistreatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib, indifferent to the mass sufferi...


Bush Derangement Syndrome

August 15, 2008

Where Bush saw a "soul" (i.e., in Vladamir Putin), former terrorism prosecutor Andrew McCarthy sees a Capo di Tutti Commie...


Insanity Grips The World

August 11, 2008

As President Saakashvili of Georgia appeals to America and the "world community" to intervene in stopping the war, the Security Council is mired in paralysis...