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BOHICA, America

May 30, 2013

Chinese Navy.jpg

Notice the trajectory of US national security/foreign policy in the past 4+ years? If you have, you’ve probably noticed the more others stick a proverbial finger in America’s eye, the more...


Creeping Infiltration

May 30, 2013


In addition to key government agencies (e.g., Pentagon, White House, Military, Homeland Security, etc.), Islamists have now infiltrated the national media and are actively sabotaging...


Arming 'Martyrs' Brigades

May 29, 2013

Syrian rebels steal UN carrier.jpg

The Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, a Syrian ‘rebel’ group, now has at least two "virtually indestructible" vehicles, which it stole from UN “peacekeepers” and can use in surprise border attacks on...


What “Islamic” Problem?

May 28, 2013

UK prison attack.jpg

On the heels of last week's beheading of a British soldier, in broad daylight, by two Islamic thugs, British counter-terror police are now investigating a vicious assault on...


Distraction, Arab-Style

May 22, 2013

IDF viewing Syria.jpg

Israel Air Force's Chief of Staff warned that Israel must be prepared for a "surprise war" and substantial threat of multi-arena conflict, noting that Syria is about to receive...


A Vulture Fest

May 21, 2013

Arab Collapse.jpg

Ralph Peters writes the Arab Spring has unleashed the Arab Collapse and the Islamist cancer has proved more virulent than Arabs themselves expected, EXCEPT...


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