As We See It

Jew-Hatred Hazardous To One's Health

April 26, 2016

Paris-terrorist attack

Nearly a year before terrorists killed 130 in coordinated attacks that rocked the City of Light, an Israeli offer of terror-tracking software to French security officials was rejected because...


Fruits Of Poisonous Tree

April 24, 2016

Iran-Arak facility

The US will purchase 32 metric tons of nuclear material from Iran, which begs the question: Why is the US buying from Iran something that Iran is NOT...


Chutzpah, Iranian-Style

April 19, 2016

Iran-Head of Central Bank

A top Iranian official on Friday accused the US and EU of failing to honor last year's nuclear deal by keeping Iran locked out of...


Moral Mullahs

April 18, 2016

Iran-Morality Police

Police in Iran's capital have a network of 7,000 undercover agents whose job is to inform on alleged...


Opening The Floodgates

April 11, 2016

Iran receives Russian S300 missiles

Iranian FM Zarif on Sunday said that Iran’s missile program was not up for negotiation with the US, and on Monday the first shipment of Russian S-300 long-range...


And The Beat Goes On...

April 5, 2016

Iranian arms shipment to Yemen

In a third similar interception since late February by allied forces in the Persian Gulf, U.S. Navy vessels seized a ship laden with illicit weapons from...


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