As We See It

Funding Anti-Semitism

January 26, 2020

UC Berkeley

Research finds Jews contributed billions of dollars to US colleges, including to schools at which Jewish students...


Angry Dems

November 18, 2019

Bernie Sanders

Last week, Israel once again faced a barrage of rockets from Gaza while most of the mainstream Democratic candidates...


World Begins Anew Every Day

June 21, 2019

Ilhan Omar

For Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, the world must start fresh every day, as history doesn't exist.


The New York Slimes

May 3, 2019


Many are surprised, but they shouldn’t be about Jew-hating cesspool, the New York Times. Its most recent publication of anti-Semitic cartoons is not...


US To Buy Israel's Iron Dome

February 8, 2019

Iron Dome

The U.S. Army announced on Wednesday that it will purchase an unspecified number of Israel's Iron Dome short-range missile defense systems.