April 17, 2011

Another Good Ship Lollipop

A group that can only be described as a collection of Les Misérables, is planning on meeting in DC and protesting/demonstrating against Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu when he visits the U.S. next month. (The Queen of Mean, i.e., journalist Helen “Jews-should-leave-Palestine-and-go-back-to-Poland-Germany” Thomas, is their keynote speaker, no less)

They are also gearing up for the next Good Ship Lollipop blockade-busting flotilla, heading to Gaza in May. Palestinian Omar Barghouti (a follower of the so-called Religion of Peace), said it was impossible to predict what the Israelis will do in response to the next Gaza-bound flotilla, saying that Israelis “continue to shoot themselves in the foot” (see below).

Israel has appealed to Turkey, as well as the international community (the UN) to STOP this next flotilla, since the last one (i.e., the one that was led by the Turkish Mavi Marmara) clearly violated international law when it attempted to break a legal naval blockade. (FYI - when the U.S. blockaded Cuba during the missile crisis, the State Department declared the blockade to be lawful, since blockades as a response to acts of war are legal.)

If the international community refuses to act, then we would suggest that when next time comes around, instead of shooting "themselves in the foot," the Israelis blast those pacifist buggers (who are armed with guns, knives and clubs) out of the water and up to the 72 virgins awaiting them you-know-where.

That is called following the Rule of Law.  |  April 17, 2011

Helen Thomas to address anti-Israel protests during Netanyahu's visit to U.S.

A series of anti-Israel protests, lectures and meetings are scheduled to coincide with the PM's visit and the AIPAC conference in Washington DC in May; BDS founder meets Friday night with 250 activists calling Israel apartheid state.

By Natasha Mozgovaya

Helen Thomas.jpg

WASHINGTON - A series of protests against Israeli policy and its support by AIPAC are planned in May to coincide with the AIPAC conference in the U.S. capital and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech there. The protests, under the heading "Move over AIPAC," will include demonstrations opposite the building where Netanyahu will speak and Congress, and a series of lectures and meetings with critics of Israel, including veteran journalist Helen Thomas who lost her place in the White House press room after saying Jews should leave Palestine and go back to Poland, Germany and the United States. Thomas will give the keynote address at the Move Over AIPAC conference, and will receive an award from the women's pacifist organization Code Pink, one of the hundred left-wing American organizations behind the conference.

On Friday night, a favorite cafe among progressives, Busboys and Poets, gathered letters to Gazans; the next aid flotilla in May will deliver the messages to the Gaza residents. A separate room in the cafe hosted a meeting of around 250 activists with Omar Barghouti, founder of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign. Barghouti, who recently released a book on BDS, was winding up a book tour that included Columbia, Harvard, Brandeis and other universities.

The evening began with a moment of silence for actor Juliano Mer-Khamis, murdered earlier this month in Jenin, and Italian journalist Vittorio Arrigoni, murdered in recent days in Gaza. Barghouti then quoted U.S. President Barack Obama's justification for the NATO attacks on Muammar Gadhafi's forces in Libya.

"Innocent people were targeted for killing. Hospitals and ambulances were attacked. Supplies of food and fuel were choked off. Water for hundreds of thousands of people was shut off. Cities and towns were shelled, mosques were destroyed and apartment buildings reduced to rubble," Barghouti said, reading out a statement.

Barghouti founder of BDS #2(b).png

"This is about Libya, but you would say the same logic should be applied to Gaza. Unfortunately, it is not. Revolutions are shaking the Middle East, and one big loser is Israel. As Arab governments become more democratic they will reflect peoples' opinions, which are very much opposed to the Israeli apartheid."

"Some people say BDS is not fair and not effective - Israel is a democracy. On almost every level, Israel is only a democracy for one ethnic group. The Palestinian-led BDS movement is calling Israel an apartheid state, and the main refutation of this is that Israel allows Palestinians to vote," Barghouti said.

"Apartheid is not defined according to whims of this or that scholar. Apartheid is when the discrimination is legalized. Now there are commissions to accept new residents into communities. Imagine an Irish white guy saying: 'We don't accept this Latino guy, his food smells funny, he doesn't fit.' But in Israel now it's legal."

"I think calling Israel a fascist state is an exaggeration, but there are fascist tendencies. When they get mad, Liberal Zionists tend to exaggerate," he added. "Israel is losing the battle for hearts and minds at the grassroots level. It maintains connections with the elite, but competes with Iran and North Korea as the most hated countries in the world."

Barghouti said it was impossible to predict what the Israelis would do in response to the next flotilla, saying they continue to shoot themselves in the foot, but highlighting Israel's reactions only helps raise awareness of the siege on Gaza. After the event, Barghouti recommended everyone, including Zionists, to read his book, but declined to be interviewed by Haaretz. "We're being very careful about giving interviews to the Israeli media," he said.

Original article here.


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