As We See It

Riding Off Into The Sunset?

November 13, 2020


So here we are in the wake of the most contested election in memory, and Trump may be officially...


Face of Evil & Hatred

October 19, 2020

Louis Farrakhan

Former editor and writer for the New York Times editorial page, is faulting the Times for publishing an op-ed piece glorifying Louis Farrakhan’s..


Cancel Culture Plus

October 7, 2020

Cancel culture

We handed educating our most precious resource, our future generations, to the Left. They are mostly lost, so expect more AOCs...


The Expanding Campaign

October 5, 2020

Chinese President Xi Jinping

China is making a concerted push, often using bribery and economic coercion, for control of post-WWII institutions created to...


Vulnerable New Friends

September 18, 2020

Abraham Accords

Most Israelis know the UAE and Bahrain are rich, vulnerable, far from the conflict with Israel, and dangerously close to Iran.


Canaanite Fortress

August 24, 2020

Canaanite fortress

Canaanite fortress recently unearthed will allow archeologists "to glimpse into the geopolitical environment depicted in the Book of Judges...