As We See It

Cruise To Paradise

June 3, 2012

N. Korea's First Cruise (Greeters).jpg

Take your first North Korean cruise. Behold the 'luxurious' accommodations, the beautiful scenery, the gulags, the starving people...


Pivoting Into Irrelevance

June 2, 2012

Panetta in Hawaii.jpg

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s speech at the 'Shangri La Dialogue' apparently convinced NO ONE that President Obama’s new “strategic pivot” from the Middle East to Asia was serious...


Spain’s Boondoggle; America To Follow?

June 1, 2012

Windmills-green energy.jpg

It was interesting while it lasted, but it looks as if the “green revolution” has entered the long slide into “What was all that about?” In January, the Spanish government ended absurdly lavish subsidies for its renewable-energy industry, and...