June 3, 2012

Cruise To Paradise

Take your first North Korean cruise. Behold the luxurious accommodations, the beautiful scenery, the gulags, the starving people, the automatons ordered to greet the ship, and so much more (see screenshots below). Ah yes, behold the wonders of North Korea.

From The New York Times:

North Korea's First Cruise

Edward Wong travels on a trial run of the first-ever tourist cruise to the secretive authoritarian nation of North Korea. Below is the video:


And some screenshots from the video:

N.Korea's First Cruise (on deck).jpg
Lounging around on deck. 

N.Korea's First Cruise (on deck).jpg
On deck, creating memories.

N.Korea's First Cruise (sleeping accommodations).jpg
Delightful sleeping accommodations for passengers (8 in a room).

N.Korea's First Cruise (dining facilities).jpg
Dining facilities on board.

N.Korea's First Cruise (dining facilities).jpg
Some culinary delights.

N.Korea's First Cruise (dining facilities).jpg
Enjoying those culinary delights.

N. Korea's First Cruise (Greeters).jpg
Passengers greeted by enthusiastic N. Koreans, upon arrival in paradise. 


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