As We See It

One Small Step For Man…

June 17, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide.jpg

Five House members are demanding answers on the depth of U.S. involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been in operation for close to a century and has infiltrated many U.S. government institutions and agencies...


Flotillas Shmotillas

June 15, 2012

Turkey-IHH president Bulent Yildirim.jpg

Bülent Yildirim, a key figure behind the 2010 Gaza flotilla is under investigation for funding al-Qaida. Remember the Gaza flotilla? The one that was ferrying so-called humanitarians, armed with such 'weapons of peace' as...


RUSSIA Means What It Says

June 14, 2012

Russia abandoning Intermediate-range missile ban.jpg

Russia’s recent tests of ballistic missiles are clear signs it is making good on announced threats to prepare preemptive strikes on U.S. missile defenses, a senior House Republican disclosed this week. Unlike the U.S., the Russian administration...


Happy Graduation Day!

June 13, 2012

Palestinian children taught to die at Islamic-Jihad-run kindergarten.jpg

Palestinian children attending a kindergarten in Gaza run by terrorist group, Islamic Jihad, celebrated their graduation by wearing army uniforms, carrying toy rifles and vowing to...


To Build or Blow Up, That Is The Question

June 13, 2012

Israel-fortified hospital in Rambam/Haifa.jpg

World’s largest, most advanced “fortified" underground hospital was unveiled last week at Rambam Medical Center in Israel, to keep patients safe from incoming missiles, biological and chemical weapons courtesy of...


Our Friends, The Russians

June 12, 2012

Russian combat helicopters.jpg

Hillary Clinton on Tuesday accused our BFF Russia of providing attack helicopters to Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime. So let’s see, we help Russia gain entry into the WTO and trumpet a new & improved relationship, while the Russians...