As We See It

Afghanistan Redux On Syrian Border?

August 8, 2017

Aiding Lebanese Army

US Special Forces providing training and support for Lebanese Armed Forces ahead of confrontation with ISIS, except...


The Purge

August 7, 2017


National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. McMaster’s revamp of the NSC has included purging personnel who are pro-Israel...


Fast Fatwas

July 27, 2017

Fatwa Kiosk

In a highly controversial move, Egypt’s Al-Azhar recently installed in Cairo’s metro station kiosks offering fatwas to commuters...


A Ceasefire...Maybe

July 11, 2017

Syrian Cease Fire Deal

Questions and doubts linger about enforceability of secret US-Russian cease-fire agreement for southwestern Syria that bars...


The Swamp Dwellers

June 29, 2017

Iran-Trita Parsi & regime officials

How a small pro-Iranian lobby in DC became part of a vast messaging machine that helped reshape the Middle East...


In Case Of Armageddon

June 25, 2017

Nuclear War-Norad

As nuclear threats loom from countries like Iran and North Korea, the US is updating and upgrading decades-old...