As We See It

Battle Of The Islamists

September 12, 2016

Turkey-Istanbul rally

Coups, purges, crackdowns, witch-hunts, paranoia and secretive movements are all words to describe Turkey’s politics today, especially since...


Funding Terrorism

September 9, 2016

Iran-bags of cash

As more details continue to seep out about the Iran deal, it appears Iran may have received as much as $33.6 Billion in...


A Criminal Endeavor

September 1, 2016

Iran-satellite pic of Fordow

According to the latest drip, drip, drip coming out about the Iran Deal, the US and its partners agreed in secret to allow Iran to...


Dear Cupcakes

August 24, 2016

Univ of Chicago

In a letter to its incoming class of 2020, University of Chicago has made it clear that it does not support so-called “trigger warnings” or safe spaces that...


Another Source Of Income

August 22, 2016


The State Dept issued a warning on Monday urging U.S. citizens to avoid traveling to Iran, as it appears the Iranians have been incentivized to...


Weak, Decadent & Disorderly

August 21, 2016


A reminder to those touting the possibility of a Russia-US rapprochement of who and what we're dealing with, including the resurgence of mysterious deaths and...