As We See It

Sliding Into The Abyss

August 17, 2016

Olympic handshake

If you want the short answer for why the Arab world is sliding into the abyss, look no further than this little Olympic snub...


Inklings Of Enlightenment

August 6, 2016

Islam to blame

Muslim writers from all over the Arab world are now admitting that Islam itself is the problem and slamming Muslim leaders for...


Spreading The Hate

August 2, 2016

Black Lives Matter

A delegation from hate group, Black Lives Matter visits the Jewish state, joins in protests against Israeli 'genocide', condemns 'Zionist vigilantes', and...


Culturally Stupid

August 2, 2016

DHS-Airport Tours

Government records obtained by Judicial Watch reveal special behind-the-scenes security tours given by the Dept of Homeland Security to Somali Muslims at a major US airport...


To Water Or Whine

August 1, 2016

Israel-Desalination Plant

The contrasts couldn’t be starker. A few miles from here, water disappeared and civilization crumbled. Here, a galvanized civilization created water from nothingness...


Iran Is 'Displeased'

July 22, 2016

Iran-Ali Larijani

Iran is 'displeased' with a UN report chastising it for violating international agreements prohibiting the country's work on ballistic missiles, so it is preparing...