February 10, 2012

Loose Lips & Big Mouths

Yes, indeed, one must wonder why "senior US officials," allergies and all, would act against U.S. national security interests (see below). But then again, one must also wonder:

♦ Why a weak and inept U.S. administration would stick its finger in the eye of a democratic ally struggling to survive in a region of ruthless and despotic regimes.

♦ Why a U.S. administration, whose foreign policy has unleashed some of the most evil forces in the world, would further endanger a longtime ally, adding fuel to an already boiling cauldron known as the Middle East.

♦ And most of all, why any American, who has even the slightest clue about history, or interest in national security would support an administration like the one we have today. Perhaps the key to understanding that lies in a recent Rasmussen Poll, which says that 32% (versus 31%) of voters think the "political changes" from the so-called Arab Spring are good for the U.S. One must wonder if the 32% know what these "political changes" are, much less what the "Arab Spring" is all about?

New York Post  |  February 10, 2012

Loose Lips

By Post Staff

How's this for astonishing: NBC News is reporting that Israeli spies have been involved in the assassinations of five Iranian nuclear scientists.

So far, not so bad. We'd say the engineers basically needed killing.

But here's the astonishing part: The source for the story apparently is the Obama administration – albeit through anonymous leaks.

The network claims that Israel used members of the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MeK), a dissident group the United States classified as a terrorist group in 1998, to ice the engineers.

An Iranian spokesman told NBC the Mossad has been flying MeK members to Israel for training and sending them back home to carry out assassinations, which began in 2007.

obama #1(b).jpg

The allegations are nothing new.

What is new is that "senior US officials" are said to have confirmed the gory details.

One must wonder why.

We understand that the Obama administration's ties with Israel are strained – at best – and that the State Department has a particular allergy to the Jewish state.

But Iran's nuclear program is about much more than Israel alone.

A nuclear-armed Iran would pose a near-existential threat to US allies in the region – meaning a nuclear-arms race among its Arab neighbors would be inevitable.

And, of course, the lion's share of the world's oil passes through the Persian Gulf.

So who cares whether the MeK is a designated terror group? (Britain and the European Union already removed it from their lists, and there is pressure on America to do the same.)

And isn't Iran itself the leading exporter of terrorism in the world?

Let's be frank: Were the MeK to play the critical role in derailing an Iranian bomb, it would be far more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than a certain president of the United States we could mention.

So why is the administration making such details public?

President Obama did Israel no favors when he pressured it to join his love-peace-and-harmony nuclear summit in 2010, undermining a basic pillar of Israel's security – its undisclosed nuclear program.

And his administration has done far worse damage now, which may make it much harder for Israel to operate in Iran.

Trouble is, Israel won't suffer the consequences alone. Everyone will.

Original article here.


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