June 19, 2013

Holier Than Thou

Is there anything holier or more pious than a Muslim cleric waxing poetic about centrifuges, heavy water & yellowcake?

Get your ‘spiritual’ fix for the day, and listen to this TV interview with cleric Hassan Rouhani, the new President-elect of Iran (see below).

Seriously, folks, is there anyone out there, of sane mind, who believes Iran’s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes? [Ever hear the Pope rant about the evils of electricity?]

[p.s. Notice how Rouhani contradicts our calamitous 2007 National Intelligence Estimate (NIE)?]

Rouhani Campaign  |  May 28, 2013

YouTube video from the Rouhani campaign, featuring cleric Hassan Rouhani, then-presidential candidate and now President-elect of Iran, being interviewed on Iranian television.

[Note: If the English subtitles don't show, please make sure they're enabled. You can do this in the cc (closed-captioning) button on the video.]


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