As We See It

U.S. Grants Exemptions From Iran Sanctions

March 20, 2012

Iranian oil rig 2.jpg

These accommodations, waivers and reprieves from sanctions against Iran are very nice, problem is they defeat the whole purpose of having sanctions...


Sharia Warrants For Raids

March 19, 2012

Afghanistan-U.S. soldiers on helicopter prepare for night assault.jpg

The Obama administration is offering to cede some control over secret nighttime missions into Afghan village homes, by subjecting these missions to advance review by Afghan judges, no less...


Oops, They Meant It…

March 18, 2012

Nuclear bomb.jpg

The NYT's “U.S. Faces a Tricky Task in Assessment of Data on Iran” may leave some confused, but likely no more confused than U.S. intelligence analysts. One has to question the seriousness of any Intelligence Estimate that...


Some Inconvenient Facts

March 16, 2012

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We interrupt the noise to bring you some facts, albeit inconvenient facts, but nevertheless FACTS. Read them and use them to counter the incessant chatter you hear from those looking to invent history...


North Korean Quickie

March 16, 2012

N. Korea's Kim Jong Un.jpg

Only two weeks after the State Department announced what Amb. John Bolton has referred to as "the umpteenth breakthrough toward the goal of denuclearizing North Korea," North Korea said it would launch a long-range rocket next...


Another Lie In The Life Of The Presidency

March 16, 2012

Taliban fighters.jpg

The president talks tough about the Taliban, but privately he has waved the white flag, begging for a truce while promising to free Taliban inmates from Gitmo. Meanwhile, Taliban agents have thoroughly infiltrated...