As We See It

Don't Hold Your Breath

March 13, 2012

Obama & Cameron 3.jpg

In a Washington Post op-ed, US President Obama and UK Prime Minister Cameron once AGAIN condemned the 'Syrian regime’s horrific violence against innocent civilians,' which will no doubt provide...


'Virginity Tests' In Egypt

March 12, 2012

Egypt army doctor cleared over virginity test.jpg

In a case that has sparked national outcry in Egypt, an Egyptian military court acquitted an army doctor accused of conducting forced 'virginity tests' on female protesters. Just a preview of coming attractions...


Yes, We Can (Then Again...)

March 11, 2012

iran-missile test cartoon.jpg

Senior US officials say the U.S. would not necessarily know if Tehran started secretly building an atomic bomb, to which we would say, uh duh, and welcome to the world of...


Our Security Hinges On...

March 10, 2012

Syria-demonstrations against Syrian Pres Bashar al-Assad.jpg

Nation-building in Islamic lands does not make us safer. Our security does not hinge on their freedom; it hinges on their knowing that we are not to be trifled with, aka the "don't-mess-with-us" policy...


Mother, May I?

March 8, 2012


The problem with clarifications to idiotic statements is they often give rise to more idiotic statements. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s comments to the Senate Armed Services Committee...


Another Day At Cesspool Central

March 8, 2012


Only in this Orwellian institution could a barbaric regime, which is slaughtering its own citizens in the streets have a seat on the human rights committee...