As We See It


March 24, 2012


This year’s “Spring Offensive,” i.e., the annual global cavalcade of anti-Israel demonstrations and events, is likely to end up bloody. The most ominous event comes next week with a March on Jerusalem, sponsored by guess who???


Do-Gooders vs National Security

March 23, 2012

Omar Dakhane.jpg

Omar Dakhane is an Arab blogger writing from his home-country of Algeria. His writings on the rise of Islamic extremism are FASCINATING and will give you an idea of why 'do-gooders' and 'national security' are often a contradiction in terms...


Ethnic Cleansing Of Christians

March 22, 2012

Afghans burning cross.jpg

Islamic extremists are engaged in "ethnic cleansing" of Christians in the Syrian city of Homs, as Muslim persecution of Christians in the Islamic world is reaching epidemic proportions...


Hogwash: “Don't Blame Islam For Toulouse Killings”

March 21, 2012

Toulouse shooting.jpg

'Don't Blame Islam For The Toulouse Killings' is the title of the piece below. Of course we don't blame 'Islam'; we blame its FOLLOWERS, who kill in its name...


VP Foot-In-Mouth

March 21, 2012

bin Laden poster.jpg

The more the White House brags about the bin Laden raid, the more it is diminished, yet the administration won't stop exploiting the mission for political gain. But given VP Biden's difficulty with numbers...


Operation A Success, But Patient Dead

March 21, 2012

Hillary Clinton.jpg

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praised the UN Security Council on Wednesday for agreeing to a (non-binding) statement voicing the 'gravest concern at the deteriorating situation in Syria.' BRAVO, to Ms. Clinton and the UNSC, except...