March 19, 2012

Sharia Warrants For Raids

The Obama administration is offering to cede some control over nighttime missions into Afghan village homes, by subjecting these operations to advance review by Afghan judges (see below).

So, before conducting SECRET operations against Afghans, American soldiers will need to obtain judicial warrants, in advance, from Afghan judges?! Under sharia law (or so-called Afghan codified law…as long as it doesn’t run “contrary" to Islam)?!

Apparently this switch to a warrant-based approach is "meant to address Mr. Karzai's demands for the U.S. to respect Afghan sovereignty."

Well here's a novel idea: how about showing some respect for our military, and not subjecting them to additional danger? President Obama seems to have forgotten that American soldiers are NOT on equal footing with Afghan soldiers; Afghan President Karzai is not in a position to "demand" anything from the U.S., much less "respect" for Afghan sovereignty (especially since that sovereignty is courtesy of the U.S. military); and the American president serves at the pleasure of the American people, not the citizens of the world.

Wall Street Journal  |  March 19, 2012

U.S. Offers Concessions On Afghan Night Raids

By Adam Entous

Afghanistan-U.S. soldiers on helicopter prepare for night assault.jpg
U.S. soldiers on a helicopter prepare for a night assault to support bomb clearance in Kandahar province in 2010. Associated Press

WASHINGTON—The Obama administration is offering to cede some control over nighttime missions into Afghan village homes, U.S. officials say, in a bid to ease tensions with Afghan President Hamid Karzai that took on new urgency with the deadly rampage in a Kandahar village last week.

The administration's most significant proposed concession on night raids would subject the operations to advance review by Afghan judges, U.S. military officials said. One option under discussion in U.S.-Afghan talks would require warrants to be issued before operations get the green light.

The so-called night raids by U.S. special-operations forces have long been a source... more here


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