February 3, 2012

More Worried About Israel Than Iran

So let's see, the Obama administration today is "anxious," "uncertain," "concerned," focused on "reelection," "distancing itself," etc., all on how to handle Iran, its goal of hastening the apocalyptic return of the 12th Imam, and its development of nuclear weapons in furtherance of that goal (story here).

Not exactly the kind of words one wants to hear in conjunction with America or superpower .

Instead of "dissuading" our allies from doing something about the threat of a nuclear Iran, we (indeed, the entire world) would all be better off if our leaders in DC focused their energies on ELIMINATING that threat (see below).

As for "political implications in Washington," i.e., of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear sites, let's hope the Israelis told Mr. Panetta (as well as the chorus line of U.S. emissaries, who've been making their way to Israel to pressure, arm-twist, persuade, beg, cajole, and dissuade the Israelis from taking any action) to shove those political implications where the sun don't shine 'cause - with all due respect, of course - guesstimating it wrong means another holocaust for the Jews.

If and when the shoe is ever on the other foot, will the Chamberlain-like administration sitting in the White House today, play the same kind of Russian roulette with our lives as it's playing with Israeli lives? The Obama administration today is worried and anxious about what an Iran without nuclear weapons might do. Just imagine how worried and anxious it'll be once Iran actually gets those weapons?!

Iran wouldn’t dare use these weapons against the U.S.? Willing to stake the lives of your children on that guesstimate? What if Iran’s Islamic proxies, e.g., Hezbollah et al, get their hands on those nukes? Think they wouldn’t dare either?

IBD Editorials  |  February 3, 2012

White House More Worried About Israel Than Nuclear Iran

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Nuclear Terror: The administration claims economic sanctions are working in preventing Iran from making a nuclear weapon. Why, then, is Tehran apparently assembling a missile that can reach the U.S.? To carry TNT?

President Obama has described the waves of economic sanctions imposed on Islamofascist Iran as "the sort of pressure that will have a direct impact on the Iranian government."

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last month claimed that "sanctions have been working," making it "much more difficult for Iran to pursue its nuclear ambitions."

Foundation for Defense of Democracies President Cliff May concedes that sanctions have done some good, but are far from enough. In a column last week, he noted Iran's currency has lost half its value since December, inflation is officially over 20% and may really be twice that, and crude oil production is falling.

Plus, "Iran's rulers have forfeited more than $60 billion in energy investment and $14 billion in annual oil sales," with hundreds of billions of dollars in potential natural gas sales prevented.

Yet May adds that sanctions should be "just one weapon in an arsenal of policies aimed at weakening Iran's fanatical rulers immediately and dislodging them eventually" — with material support of Iran's grass-roots dissidents a vital ingredient absent from U.S. policy.

As the head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, Mohammad Nahavandian, told Reuters, "the sanctions have raised the cost of trade and economic transactions, but it has not managed to change Iran's political behavior."

And political behavior is the key point. These fanatic tyrants view material and economic pain differently than America and Europe. Obama's insistence that intensified sanctions "will have a direct impact on the Iranian government" is sheer wishful thinking.

Secretary Clinton, what's more, offers no evidence to back up her contention that sanctions are working beyond what she calls "technological problems that have made it slow down its timetable" on building a nuke — factors that likely have nothing to do with sanctions.

The proof is in the plutonium — or in this case, uranium. Moshe Yaalon, Israel's vice prime minister, Thursday announced that a 6,000-mile-range missile being built in Iran, which suffered a suspicious explosion in November, was a prototype that could reach the U.S.

There is no point launching an ICBM at Washington if it's a conventional weapon; clearly this is a nuclear vehicle. And does anyone with his head on straight really believe that any level of U.S.-imposed economic pain will convince a regime planning to nuke U.S. cities for Allah's glory to cease its efforts?

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has apparently leaked to liberal reporters the administration's fears that Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities in the spring, spoiling Obama's "successful" sanctions strategy. It seems that little short of a nuclear explosion can jar this president and his minions out of their naive stupor regarding the most serious threat facing the world.

Original article here.


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