July 26, 2014

Jews of Europe: Get Out Now

A message and warning from a British-born, American-raised, Israeli-blooded 'oleh' (immigrant) to the Jews of Europe (see below).

Jews worldwide – including here in the US – are currently facing a "new army of evil," a surge in anti-Semitic vitriol and violence that is spreading like wildfire. And nowhere is this vitriol and violence more prevalent (and ferocious) than in France, UK and throughout Europe. Islamism is the new Nazism, i.e., the latest deadly movement to be embraced or appeased by Europe.

This is history repeating itself, mistakes and all.

Times of Israel  |  July 26, 2014

Jews of Europe: GET OUT NOW

By Yoni Leviatan

Jewish cemetery in Europe.jpg
Francis Levy, head of the North Alsacian Jewish community, inspects desecrated tombstone in the Jewish Cemetery of Cronenbourg near Strasbourg, France (Reuters/Courtesy

This is not 1933. It's not 1938, 1942 or any other year during the deathly Nazi rise to become Satan's greatest warriors on earth. This is 2014, and Europe is infested with a new army of evil, a new virus of anti-Semitic vitriol that is spreading like wildfire, festering in an all too reminiscent sea of apathy that borders on willing complicity. No matter which year it is, a leopard can never change its spots, and this is a continent which is perfectly at peace watching a new wave of insanity claim the lives of every last Jew in the pogrom-stained land that we call Europe.

Don’t believe for a second that what you’re seeing is anti-Israel behavior and not anti-Semitism. Do you honestly think that the ignorant masses of hatred gathering every day are capable of discerning Israeli from Jew? Don’t you know they’re one and the same in the eyes of every single person on earth? Have you seen anybody checking for passports?

Oh, wait, you don’t consider yourself a Jew? Please, don’t be so naïve. As the saying goes, you might have forgotten, but someone will always remind you.

If all the violence and hatred surrounding you could be limited to only the Middle East, and attributed just to extremist Arabs and Muslims, then we could talk about options. But you have none, since it’s not only the extremists you have to worry about. It’s everyone else.

Yes, although it will be the “Arab Street” that will drag you out of your homes, burn your schools and synagogues, and beat you until you’re bloodied, battered or worse, it’s everyone else who will act as if nothing is going on. And that assumes they won’t join in all the fun.

I am not exaggerating the threat from the Arab Street; it’s already in action as evidenced by this Facebook page which published the names, pictures and addresses of 32 Jews in France. Subsequently, one was already dragged out of his home by 15 violent extremists and beaten with iron bars. What makes you think you won’t be next in this age of social media where information flows freely and the masses can gather in an instant?

Whatever the action or inaction will be of everyone else, you can have all the faith in the world that no one will come to save you. Your neighbors will look the other way, walk on the other side to avoid the mess, and continue on with their lives as if it was just another day. And for you it will be the same day, over and over and over again. We’ve seen this play out before. We know how it ends. History doesn’t lie and there are thousands of years of evidence for your consideration.

But if you don’t want to rely on history then let’s look at the present. Nine European states claim they were strongly against the UN Human Rights resolution that was just passed which calls for an inquiry into the current fighting, while condemning Israel without even mentioning the name Hamas. Not even once! These cowardly European countries apparently tried hard to get the text changed to reflect this, but were unable to do so, and decided as a bloc to simply abstain from the vote instead of joining the one nation on earth who has shown the slightest amount of valor in defending Israel at the pitiful United Nations. Once again, only the United States of America has shown that it has a conscience and is willing to act on it. The US also happens to be the only other nation on this planet that Jews can legitimately feel safe in. These facts are not mutually exclusive.

Think about that for a long hard minute. Your leaders, the ones who claim they will protect you on the streets against the violent mobs of hatred chasing you with firebombs, don’t even have the balls to stand up for what they believe in during a simple session at the UN where they have absolutely no chance of physical harm being done to them. Can you honestly picture a French or German policeman risking his life to save you from an outnumbered gang of thugs trying to burn you alive? We’re talking about an entire continent of people who two generations ago watched from the sidelines, at best, while your ancestors were taken away in cattle carts. These are the people you’re counting on???

I may be wrong, but please don’t wait to find out if I’m right. Come where you are wanted, where people are waiting for you with open arms, where you don’t need to worry about forming community watch groups to protect you while you pray. Yes, we have our own very real dangers. But they are on the outside, not from within, and we have a futuristic army with a heart that’s been beating for thousands of years to defend you. I promise you will feel safer than you ever thought you could be. Although the news may look grim, most Arabs and Jews within Israel proper get along better than anywhere else in the world. Visit Haifa or Jaffa and you will see what real coexistence looks like. Here, you don’t need to hide your cipa or speak in whispers. Here, in Israel, your fellow citizens will come to your aid in every way possible.

Did you see the tens of thousands that attended the funerals of our “lone soldiers” who fell in battle this week? In Israel, you are never alone. So come already. For you, your children and the future of your family, it’s time to pick yourselves up and make the greatest (and smartest) move you will ever make. Come to Israel. Make Aliyah. NOW.

Yoni Leviatan is a British-born, American-raised, Israeli-blooded oleh [immigrant] who's not so chadash [new] after being in Israel since 2009.

Original article here.


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