June 16, 2016

Fly The Friendly Skies of the Mullahs

The flying public will no doubt be delighted to hear that Iran Air has been cleared to fly in the European Union (see below).

Chances are the hospitable airline of the Islamic Republic of Iran will offer top-notch service, delivered by a top-notch aircrew.

Iran Air-flight crew.jpg
[Snapshot] Iran Air flight crew. Courtesy Press TV

Not to mention, top-notch security. After all, who knows security better than Iran?

The US State Department's annual report on global terrorist activity published on June 2, 2016, stated the Islamic Republic of Iran "remained the foremost state sponsor of terrorism in 2015, providing a range of support, including financial, training and equipment, to groups around the world."  

As Justin Siberell, the State Department's Acting Coordinator for Counter-terrorism briefed reporters: "Iran continues to provide support to Hezbollah, Palestinian terrorist groups in Gaza, and various groups in Iraq and throughout the Middle East."

But the Continent of Appeasement (Europe) appears to have little problem with Hezbollah and such other Palestinian terrorist groups, so what could possibly go wrong?

Iran Air-closer to God.jpg
[Snapshot] Video-Today's Women of Iran / Women Pilots

Who knows, flying the friendly skies of the Mullahs might actually, like this Iranian pilot, bring one closer to God.

Times of Israel  |  June 16, 2016

Iran Air Cleared To Resume Flights To Europe

Following successful 'technical assessment,' most of national airline's planes allowed to fly into continent

By Agencies

Iran Air.jpg

Iranian flag carrier Iran Air has been taken off a safety blacklist and cleared to fly in the European Union, the European Commission said Thursday.

“Following my visit to Iran in April, a technical assessment was successfully carried out in May,” EU Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc said in a statement.

“Based on this I am happy to announce that we are now able to allow most aircraft from Iran Air back into European skies,” Bulc said.

Previously, only the carrier’s EU-manufactured Airbus planes could operate in the bloc.

A Commission official said that while most of Iran Air’s fleet has now cleared to fly in the EU, its Fokker 100 and Boeing 747 planes remained banned.

The company website says the airline operates 16 Fokker 100 planes, a short-haul aircraft dating back to the 1980s, and 5 Boeing 747 jumbo jets, all older versions.

Iran’s air safety record has been spotty, with parts nearly impossible to get for the country amid world sanctions over its nuclear program.

The EU move comes just months after Iran Air signed deals to buy new more than 100 Airbus planes. It has also been considering deals with US aerospace giant Boeing.

The signing of the nuclear deal between world powers and Tehran has allowed airline manufacturers back into the Iranian market.

Bulc on Thursday also said the 28-member bloc had removed all Zambian airlines from the safety blacklist after “seven years of work and extensive European technical assistance.”

In addition, three Indonesian carriers — Citilink, Lion Air and Batik Air — plus Air Madagascar were given the all clear to fly in the EU.

The Air Safety List is updated regularly and with Thursday’s announcement, it names 214 airlines in 19 countries which fail to meet EU oversight standards.

Two other airlines are banned on safety concerns — Iraqi Airways and Suriname’s Blue Wing Airlines — while another six are partially restricted in the aircraft types they can fly in the EU.

Original article here.


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