June 27, 2013

Depth of Ineptitude

George Orwell once said: “We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.” Indeed, and nowhere is that depth more visible than in the Obama administration’s decision to ship weapons to the Syrian “rebels” (see article below). 

This depth of ineptitude includes:

FIRST: Saudi Arabia is providing rebels with Manpads (shoulder-fired antiaircraft missiles), and the U.S. will monitor this effort, “to try to reduce the risk that the Manpads could fall into the hands of Islamists.”

So the US (which is clearly clueless about who’s who among the Syrian “rebels”) will keep an eye on the Wahhabis (Saudi Arabia), to ensure Manpads don’t fall into Islamist hands? News flash for Obama et al: Those Manpads are already in Islamist hands! Who gave 'em to the Wahhabis? 

SECOND: The CIA, under pressure from the White House and Congress to minimize the risk that American arms could be diverted to “hardline Islamists” (particularly the al Qaeda-aligned al Nusra Front), has put in place "elaborate" vetting procedure for the rebels they train. 

So the White House, Congress and CIA will try to minimize the risk of arming  “hardline Islamists”? And the difference between hardline Islamists and moderate ones is...?

THIRD: The CIA is considering putting U.S. military special-operations force units under agency authority to conduct some of the training. It’s also considering “using special-operations teams from Jordan and the United Arab Emirates” to ramp up the training effort.

United Arab Emirates special operations teams? Where’d those come from? And who trained them? Here’s a thought: Perhaps Israel would need less military aid from the US government if the US government stopped arming and training Israel's enemies? Just a thought...

FINALLY: Saudi Arabia (aka Wahhabi Central) has told the US it can identify a small group of "trusted rebel fighters" and provide them with as few as 20 Manpads initially, reducing the risk that the weapons will fall into the hands of radical Islamists.

Question for Mr. Obama et al: The Wahhabis say they can identify trusted rebel fighters. And the deep-thinkers in DC Land trust the Wahhabis????

Wall Street Journal  |  June 27, 2013

U.S. Begins Shipping Arms for Syrian Rebels

CIA Aims to Vet and Train Fighters With New Weapons for Deployment by August; Saudi Antiaircraft Missiles Expected

By Adam Entous, Julian E. Barnes & Siobhan Gorman

Syrian rebels.jpg
In this combination of eight photos taken on December 17, 2012, Syrian rebel fighters pose, following a training session in Maarret Ikhwan, near Idlib, Syria. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen; Courtesy:

WASHINGTON—The Central Intelligence Agency has begun moving weapons to Jordan from a network of secret warehouses and plans to start arming small groups of vetted Syrian rebels within a month, expanding U.S. support of moderate forces battling President Bashar al-Assad, according to diplomats and U.S. officials briefed on the plans.

The shipments, related training and a parallel push to mobilize arms deliveries from European and Arab allies are being timed to allow a concerted push by the rebels starting by early August, the diplomats and officials said, revealing details of a new covert plan authorized by President Barack Obama and disclosed earlier this month. More here...


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Posted by eblanch from Clarksburg, NJ on
Was not the arming of “freedom fighters” or specifically the Mujahideen, Islamic fanatics, tried before in Afghanistan against the communist Russian regime?

And certainly everyone knows how that turned out and the gratitude shown to the United States, the CIA, et al. Is it truly worth the gamble?

Didn’t the ATF and Attorney General lose track of weaponry simply going across our border to Mexico during Fast and Furious?

And are we now to believe that we have an ability to determine who is a future friend and who is a future foe in a nation in murderous chaos. And who is paying for this weaponry that may be turned on U.S. military and civilian personnel sometime in the future? Is it naïve to think it’s our own tax dollars?

So why not double down on armaments to those nations who have actually demonstrated and professed actual allegiance to this nation.

Let others financially support and die in that fiasco.