April 17, 2012

Dear Activist

Below is a copy of the letter that Israel presented to each of the anti-Israel activists who landed Sunday at Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel. The so-called "flytilla" or mass fly-in protest was organized by the likes of Reverend Jeremiah God-Damn-America Wright, British MP George never-met-an-Arab dictator-he-didn’t-like Galloway, renowned anti-Semite Bishop Desmond Tutu, and such other (astoundingly ignorant) Jew-haters.

The letter says it all, politely and respectfully. Too politely and respectfully, for our taste, as we would have shipped these hypocrites to Gaza for a year or two, and given them the opportunity to experience the joy of living among those other humanitarians, e.g., Hamas, Islamic Jihad, et al. 

Dear activist letter.jpg


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