October 3, 2011

Quite The Civilized Discussion

Watch the video clip below, folks. It’s an Egyptian TV news program (sorta like our Sunday morning talk shows) with a host / moderator and 3 special guests. Who are the special guests? Three clean-cut young men, answering questions and having quite the civilized discussion about the new political party they’ve founded.

Here are some pearls from that civilized discussion (my comments are in color):

  • Guest #1: “We have adopted the positive aspects of the Nazi Party, not the negative.” [In case anyone was under the misimpression that ALL aspects of Nazism were negative...]
  • Guest #2: “Our political goal is to make the Arab race, or Arabic speakers, the best race.” [Nope, nothin’ fascist / racist about that...]
  • Guest #3: “We want to build an Egyptian nuclear reactor...that will be built by Egyptians and will have Egyptian components. [No doubt the Israelites will be delighted to hear the Egyptians finally plan on using their own slaves, er, work force, to build their monuments.]
  • Guest #1 again: “First of all, the Egyptian citizen has been greatly humiliated. The thing we want most is to draw the line.”
  • Guest #2 chiming in: “The idea emerged through a Facebook group, of course [of course]... I adopted the Nazi ideology of Hitler’s Socialist German Workers’ Party because it is the only ideology that is suitable for us.” [The Nazi ideology and the Islamist ideology are indeed a match made in heaven...]
  • Guest #3: “Sir, we do not want a full-fledged Nazi party. All we want is the statement that our country’s race will rule.” [Sure sounds Nazi-ish to me...]
  • Moderator: “But do Hitler’s Nazi ideas constitute part of your party’s platform?”
  • Guest #1: “Some of his ideas like respect for the Egyptian citizen. For example, a German officer was killed during the German occupation of France. In order to restore the honor of this [German] officer, 95 of the French were killed. That way, wherever a German tourist goes in Europe, he is treated with respect.”  Reading from his notes, Amr Rodney-Dangerfield Fouad (aka Guest #1) continues: “We will not gain respect with blood but through industry, agriculture and development.” [Um, would that be before or after the killings?]
  • Guest #3: “We have nothing to do with Hitler [good, because he's D-E-A-D]. The one and only thing we have adopted from Nazism is racial supremacy. That’s it.” [And the world heaves a collective sigh of relief...]

See it all for yourselves:

[Posted by R.S.]


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