September 6, 2011

The One Times Two

“Israel is vindicated on the Gaza flotilla, but Turkey still pouts,” writes the WSJ below.

Except that what Turkey is currently doing is more than just pouting or throwing (faux) hissy fits. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister, is doing what he’s long been dreaming of doing and that’s become the Islamic version of The One. The One who will stand up to the Infidels (especially the biggest of them all, “Big Satan” America), and restore the Muslim world’s lost glory, power and prestige.

And what better time to do it than now, as America is being led by another one who thinks of himself as The One, i.e., The One who will “fundamentally change America,” which as luck would have it, is exactly what the Islamists wanna do!

Israel is merely a pawn in these games. Expect to see more when the world’s thugs unite, er, convene this month in NY for the UN General Spectacle (may the real One deliver us from that nightmare!).

The Wall Street Journal | September 6, 2011

A United Nations Miracle
Israel is vindicated on the Gaza flotilla, but Turkey still pouts.

Gaza flotilla 'activists' w/clubs and pipes.jpg

Gaza flotilla "activists" with clubs and pipes. Photo courtesy:

Here's a story for the man-bites-dog folder: The United Nations has conducted another inquiry into an Israeli military operation—and produced a report that mainly vindicates the Jewish state. And here, alas, is a story for the dog-bites-man folder: The Turkish government has responded to the U.N. report by withdrawing its ambassador from Tel Aviv and expelling Israel's from Ankara.

The Palmer report—named for the inquiry's chairman, former New Zealand Prime Minister Geoffrey Palmer—was commissioned by the U.N.'s Secretary General to investigate the May 2010 "flotilla incident," when six ships sailing from Turkey to Gaza on an alleged humanitarian mission were... more here


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