February 25, 2009

NY's Senators Need To Find Their Vocal Chords

....and their spines.

Ugh. Come to think of it.... double ugh.

New York Post  |  February 25, 2009

America's Durban Disgrace

There's nothing new about anti-Semitism at the United Nations - except that now it apparently has the support of the United States.

Washington has joined in the UN's preparations for its "Durban Review Conference." That's the follow-on to the infamous 2001 "Zionism is racism" conference in Durban, South Africa - which called Israel's self-defense "a crime against humanity." The US delegation then rightly walked out in disgust.

Like most sequels, Durban II promises to be worse than the original. So why did President Obama send delegates to help plan the hate-fest?

The administration cautions that participation in the April conference is still tentative; one envoy called the preliminaries in Geneva "a fact-finding mission... just a first step."

Well, the preliminaries are over - and they again accused Israel of apartheid and xenophobia. Plus, it semms that at Durban 2.0, criticism of Islam will be forbidden.

According to veteran UN-watcher Anne Bayefsky, some of the most offensive debate found President Obama's envoys sitting on their hands. When the European Union moved to condemn Holocaust denial, Iran objected - and succeeded in punting the issue. Prodded for comment, the US delegates said... absolutely nothing.

What a waste of decent people's time. America needs to follow the Canadians and Israelis - and boycott. Other Western democracies are looking to walk, but won't as long as Washington stays in.

Surely it would be easier for President Obama to bolt if he had political cover. And who better to give it than those representing Turtle Bay in Washington?

Back in 2001, New York's senators were outspoken. Sen. Chuck Schumer praised President Bush's Durban boycott, saying: "He's absolutely right... I am just furious with the UN." Then-Sen. Hillary Clinton called the UN's actions "criminal."

Today? Clinton's successor, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Schumer have written to UN Ambassador Susan Rice expressing their "concern" - but neither is yet willing to call for a boycott.

Enough is enough. New York's senators need to rediscover their vocal cords.

And President Obama needs to ditch Durban II.

Original article here.


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